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H2 Overview

As a versatile renewable energy source, hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. Reducing carbon emissions from industry, developing clean transportation, and limiting fossil fuel usage are just some of the potential benefits of hydrogen.

A Cornerstone of the Energy Transition

̨ʹٷվ is leveraging decades of world leadership in hydrogen energy insight, innovation and investment to invent a cleaner, safer, more reliable energy market and advance the transition to a clean energy economy with hydrogen at its core. ̨ʹٷվ is a pioneer in the hydrogen market, with over 60 years of experience across the entire hydrogen value chain - from production, distribution and storage to the development of end-use applications. Hydrogen has a variety of applications in the energy transition, including mobility and transportation applications and can also be stored and used to manage electric grid demand.



Invested into hydrogen in the U.S. to date

By 2050 reach carbon neutrality 

As the most abundant element on Earth and a major lever for the decarbonization of industry, hydrogen can be found everywhere - from the industrial sectors and mass transportation to storage and power generation. Hydrogen can also be produced in a variety of ways including electrolysis from renewable energies or low-carbon sources, and by methane or biomethane reforming with CO2 capture and storage.

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