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Sustainability Objectives

A commitment to perform steadily in the present and prepare well for the future.

An Ambitious and Sustainable Strategy

Our strategy

̨ʹٷվ’s sustainability strategy is more than a stated ambition. It is a commitment to perform steadily in the present and prepare well for the future. Therefore, sustainability is firmly embedded in our long-term strategy, supported by a deeply resilient and diversified business model.

We are acting for a sustainable future

Leveraging our innovation capabilities and technical expertise, ̨ʹٷվ contributes to tackling the challenges that our societies are facing. 

It is clear today that the role of a company like ours goes beyond this. As a matter of fact, we all share - states, companies and individuals - the responsibility and the mission of building a sustainable future.

Our approach to water management and biodiversity

Acting for a sustainable world also means preserving our resources. At ̨ʹٷվ, we work continuously to improve our approach to the environment, from analyzing how we protect natural resources to expanding assessments of risks and opportunities.

Water is essential to ̨ʹٷվ’s industrial operations. As a responsible company, we have successfully implemented initiatives to improve data collection and guidance on water management at our production sites. Taking this commitment a step further, the Group has set two water objectives.

  • Implementing, in areas with highly stressed resources, a documented water management plan that addresses water withdrawals and usage risk.
  • Implementing, for all operations, a global standard at the Group level that goes beyond existing processes and procedures that ensure discharged water quality meets or exceeds the applicable local criteria.

In response to the global threats facing biodiversity, and to reflect our sustainability mindset, we have launched our first assessment of the Group’s impact and dependence on biodiversity. We envision a biodiversity framework that covers the entire value chain– from resources management to product life cycle analysis– that is included in all site assessments.

Our ambition going forward is to make a meaningful difference.

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