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Our Membranes

The Most Diversified Membrane Product Portfolio in the Industry

Complete membrane systems

Inside the Membrane Module

̨ʹٷվ designs, engineers and manufactures hollow fiber membranes and complete membrane systems for gas separation and purification. ̨ʹٷվ’s membrane technology delivers uncompromising performance within a compact design. By utilizing a proven polymer blend and advanced hollow fiber technology, ̨ʹٷվ Advanced Separations (ALaS) system units are able to provide customers with multiple technical solutions for gas separation and purification. 

How It Works

̨ʹٷվ's membrane technology are asymmetric hollow fibers comprised of a core which is optimized for mechanical strength and a sheath optimized for gas separation. A 12-inch module contains 0.5-1.0 million fibers, which laid end-to-end, would stretch for 750 miles. Membrane modules may contain over 1 million individual hollow fibers that are formed in cross flow and counter flow designs, allowing for flexibility in meeting all pressure drop and performance constraints. Bundles are designed with high performance fibers to allow operations at elevated temperatures and extreme pressures. This allows for higher membrane productivity, fewer membranes and lower system CAPEX.

Our Membranes

MEDALTM Membranes

̨ʹٷվ Advanced Separations (ALaS) original membrane manufacturing technology offers leading performance for nitrogen generation, hydrogen recovery, carbon dioxide removal, biogas and natural gas treatment. MEDAL™ membrane modules and complete systems can be customized to meet your unique needs for air separation, nitrogen generation, carbon dioxide removal and hydrogen purification. The MEDAL™ modular cartridge and parallel flow design allows for easy installation and linear scale up. The MEDAL™ product line includes fiber types for all purification and recovery needs. MEDAL™ membranes have a long product life, and are easy to operate, start up and shut down. MEDAL™ offers both standard and custom designs, as well as packages to meet any client need or budget. MEDAL™ technologies and solutions for hydrogen, nitrogen and natural gas systems are extensively used in the aerospace, oil and gas and chemical industries. 

PoroGen Membranes

The PoroGen product line offers a unique and robust portfolio of products based on polyether ether ketone (PEEK) membrane materials for a wide range of applications, including gas separation, gas / liquid transfer, hybrid absorption, nanofiltration, and microfiltration. PoroGen membrane technology is based on porous poly ether ether ketone (PEEK) membranes technology that allows the use of some of the most advanced membrane technology available today. The PEEK-Sep™ membranes are inert to organic solvents and can operate at high temperatures. The hollow fiber configuration of the PoroGen membrane provides for optimal packaging configuration and for superior flow dynamics in a membrane device. Customers will benefit from a smaller equipment footprint and weight compared to conventional technologies, operational simplicity, and less spare parts, resulting in a significant reduction in capital and operational expenditures.

IMS Membranes

The Innovative Membrane Systems (IMS) product line is extremely robust, cost-effective, and diverse. This is part of the reason why the IMS manufacturing process is the world's leading technology for aerospace applications. In addition to aerospace inerting, the IMS process enables the use of many different membranes, materials and product geometries to serve a diverse set of applications ranging from air dehydration for Navy ships, to high pressure helium recovery from geologic natural gas.

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