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R&D Innovation Campus

Our innovation approach is embodied by its global Innovation Campus network. Inaugurated in 2007, the Innovation Campus in Delaware is the nexus of ̨ʹٷվ's R&D activities in the U.S. and the Americas.

Global Innovation, Local Ecosystem

Our campus network extends across the globe and embodies the Group’s open innovation approach.The campuses are defined by their local and national environment and complement one another. They bring together all our innovation partners, attract new talent, and foster skill sharing and collective intelligence to accelerate the development of solutions for our customers. Working with ecosystems - both internal and external, such as customers, academics, startups, suppliers - is part of our strategy. Developing an inclusive approach is a prerequisite to explore new domains, imagine new solutions meeting user’s needs and behaviors, gain speed & impact and contribute to invent the future.

Our innovation campus in Delaware is home to over 130 of our employees - all dedicated to leading disruption and innovation in our industry and the markets we support. Our teams are agile, testing new methodologies and processes, all while engaging our customers, users and partners to learn, test and refine concepts. ̨ʹٷվ's innovation campus in Delaware hosts 7 laboratories backed by our scientific and technological expertise.

  • Process Engineering

  • Combustion

  • Materials Science

  • Design & Manufacturing

  • Computational & Data Science

  • Analytical Science

  • Fine Chemistry

Thanks to our proximity with business teams, we start with customer pain points and in-depth understanding of the markets & new usages. We test & iterate with our customers and end-users. Developing a differentiated and seamless user experience leading to a large adoption is our priority. We are result-oriented and contribute to the business with operation excellence and sustainable growth. We focus on impactful technologies, including data and AI, and measure the outcomes. With our business entities and Innovation Campuses, we are ultra connected with the business. We imagine and design solutions for tomorrow’s growth. We are committed to develop and scale up technological and digital solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and boost energy transition. We invent the future and are architects of a sustainable world.


Membranes are at the center of technologies that can produce renewable, low-carbon energy and capture carbon dioxide. 

From advanced polymer materials to CO2 removal skids engineered at our full-scale test platform, membranes are integrated into systems that separate gas for a multitude of decarbonization applications.

Energy Transition

Scientists at the Innovation Campus Delaware are researching a wide scope of areas related to the hydrogen energy supply chain as part of the energy transition, such as enhancing electrolyzer efficiency, maximizing storage and developing safety protocols at hydrogen fueling stations.

Natural Resources

Life Sciences researchers are helping to protect water systems from contamination, by developing water treatment applications. 

Gas microbubbles injected into wastewater within ozone strong water help to remove contaminants by scrubbing micropollutants from the system.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Researchers develop data-driven solutions incorporating artificial intelligence to enhance marketing, the customer experience, operations, performance, strategy and energy sustainability.


Semiconductors are the brainpower in our electronic devices. 

Advanced materials developed by our Fine Chemistry scientists create the nano-level layers that are etched into the intricate architecture of semiconductors.

Smart Manufacturing & Automation

The Red-D-Arc BotX welder was developed in the Innovation Campus Delaware’s Advanced Fabrication Center to meet the skilled labor challenges of New Manufacturing 4.0. 

The collaborative robot is cloud-connected and operated by an app on a smartphone or tablet device. 

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