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Clean Hydrogen Production

We foster clean hydrogen production with a suite of solutions that include water electrolysis or capturing and storing CO2 to provide a concrete response to the energy transition.

Production, Storage & Distribution

̨ʹٷվ is a pioneer in the hydrogen market, with over 60 years of experience across the entire hydrogen value chain - from production, distribution and storage to the development of end-use applications. At ̨ʹٷվ, all forms of hydrogen have a role to play in decarbonizing our economy and supporting a clean energy transition. Renewable energy sources can complement one another and together can significantly enhance carbon emission reductions. Each provides a solution to the different energy challenges and will have different impacts on the energy ecosystem. Whether it's through our electrolysis technologies partnerships and offerings or our proprietary carbon capture technologies, we are making significant investments in both low-carbon and renewable hydrogen to provide a robust supply of low cost, low carbon hydrogen to our customers while minimizing the environmental impact.

PEM Electrolyzer in Bécancour, Quebec

̨ʹٷվ is poised to play a major role in the Northeast’s push toward sustainability by completing the world’s largest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer in Bécancour, Quebec. This electrolyzer produces up to 8.2 metric tons per day of low-carbon hydrogen and uses hydro-electricity - a renewable power - to produce green hydrogen. The production unit will significantly reduce carbon intensity and strengthen the supply of renewable hydrogen for industrial use and mobility.

Liquid Hydrogen Plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada

̨ʹٷվ has built and developed a new hydrogen facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. This plant signifies a $250 million investment in producing the hydrogen that will meet the growing demand of industry and customers in the region. It was built to serve California’s mobility market, and will supply the California HFCEV drivers with renewable hydrogen as that market develops. While this market matures, the plant configuration will also allow for the sale of hydrogen outside of the mobility market with a range of renewable and low-carbon options for customers.

Liquefaction Leadership

Hydrogen liquefaction is widely used to service the growing hydrogen mobility market and industrial applications. ̨ʹٷվ is a market leader for hydrogen liquefaction technologies, providing extensive experience in the design, engineering, and operation of ultra low temperature liquefaction plants for our customers.

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