About me

Hello friends, 

       If you are reading this article then i think(may be ) you want to know about me.if are thinking who am i who write this post in "PANTANJA.COM" site and his qualification (elligibility) to write this post.

     Okkkkkkk...Your query about me should be solved. Here is a little description about me. Let's introduce myself.
About me

 NAMHASTE,     I am a brother/friend/elder brother or guide to you. I am SUMAN.... Suman Jana,founder of pantanja. I am proud to say that i am indian.

   I lived in a village ,located in West Bengal. For more information or to conract me please visit in "CONTACT ME" page.

     The thing i am sharing in article for you is only that i am learning on my journey.There is also failure but i don't want that you do this mistake that i have done because of lack of knowledge.

    I think it shall obviously help you. I want to try keep transparency between us. A pro player in this field may know more but they keeps their secrecy of their success. But a growing player can tell more (success and failure) about his journey.
Founder of pantanja, suman jana

        This is the short life story of founder of pantanja,Suman Jana.

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