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Hello friends, 

       If you are reading this article then i think(may be ) you want to know about me.if are thinking who am i who write this post in "PANTANJA.COM" site and his qualification (elligibility) to write this post.

     Okkkkkkk...Your query about me should be solved. Here is a wide description about me. Let's introduce myself.
About me

 NAMHASTE,     I am a brother/friend/elder brother or guide to you. I am SUMAN.... Suman Jana, founder of pantanja. I am proud to say that i am indian.

   I lived in a village ,located in West Bengal. For more information or to conract me please visit in "CONTACT ME" page.

  Now ,i think i should discuss my age and qualification. I am 18 years old in 2020. Yes ... it is right. I passed the 12th Board exam/Higher Secondary exam when i was 16+ years old. It was a great achievement and success of me because the other student in my age level was studying in my lower class. My intension is not to hurt anyone/show small or not to prove my intelligency. I just want to say it have been a great experience in my life. From this i come to know that you behave like them with whom you are.

  To say my qualification i have been a muddient intelligence student. In class VIII I could understand that to score better is not so hard. Only i have to focus and do hard work for my aim.To be honest student life is best,comfortable,tension free and enjoyable time of everyone's life. It is true that there is a pressure of marks,books etc. But it is negligible  to work life. I just want to say "STUDY IS YOUR LIFE BUDDY". 

    After this i focus on my reading. And i passed 10th Board exam in 2017 (14+ year old)   with 92% marks. It is also a great achievement because the so-called intelligent students who were showing off their fake intelligence to their parent and teachers of our school and next door school became silent. On the other hand it is a record to be the best score for junior student of our school right now.

      In my childhood from when i came to know about real life and finance, i was thinking always "if Goverment had its own money making machine(mint) then why most of people are poor?". From then i gradually come to know about finance stock market. Most of people fear in the name of "stock market" or to invest their money in stock market. They are thinking that it is a gambling and there is a big chance to loose their money. 

      On the other hand they had been told to it is not right way to earn money and store money in their home. It is right that there is less chance to loose money  but the value of this money is decreasing every year in developing or not developed country. For these reasons country can not grow rapidily. The real reason not to invest in stock market is the lack of knowledge about it. 

   So i think it is my duty to give you the right information about the market." MONEY MAKES MONEY". Rich people become rich because they don't  save their money in their home ,they invest money in stock market and different place. I am trying my best to explain about this market in a wide range.

   If you want to know about me a step more then i can tell you that there is many hobby/passion to me. Some of them are Gardening,Cooking,Reading etc.

  I was a goldsmith also but i understood i was not passioniate for it. So i resigned this job. Now i am an stock market investor,blogger,youtuber,freelancer and a guide .

     The thing i am sharing in article for you is only that i am learning on my journey.There is also failure but i don't want that you do this mistake that i have done because of lack of knowledge.

    I think it shall obviously help you. I want to try keep transparency between us. A pro player in this field may know more but they keeps their secrecy of their success. But a growing player can tell more (success and failure) about his journey.

        This is the short life story of Suman Jana, founder of pantanja.

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