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     If you follow news then you know in this year the net worth of Goutam Shantilal Adani increases relatively more than jeff bezos, elon musk. Can you imagine Adani who had to quit his education in 16-17 old years, after 40 years his net worth is now more than 50 billion dollar or 3 lakh 50 thousand crore rupees. In this article you will know the inspiring and adventurous story of adani and also with his lessons and learnings. 

            Firstly start with the operating level of his business. In previous year the net profit of adani group was more than 15 billion dollar. Adani group involves in many sectors such as Transportance, Logistics, Utilities, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Financial Service, Defence etc. If you are informed about its achievements then they run india's largest sports and logistics business, operate india's largest thermal power plant. They are india's largest power producer. They have india's largest private power transmission business, largest renewable energy business, largest coal trading business, largest mining and agro business and also largest solar power producer  in india. It means he operates business in huge level that it is difficult to remember his achievements. 

Early Life: 

            His story started in 24 th june 1962 at ahmedabad,Gujarat. His father ran clothing business and they are total 7 with brother and sisters. He did his schooling from ahmedabad and he was a commerce student. But he had to drop in second year of college education because of family's bad financial condition. Then he had a option. He could join his father's business. But he had not any interest in his father's business. He wants to create his own identity. 

          And here is the first lesson(1. Go out of Comfort Zone). He moved mumbai in 1979 with just 100 rupees when ge was just 16. Then he had no contact in mumbai. Here he applied a strategy (2. Learn and Earn). He got a job under Mahendra Brothers as a diamond sorter. There he was sorting diamond. And he did the job there for two years. Then he started his own diamond sorting business. The business grew well and then he was called back to Ahmedabad in 1981 to manage his brother's business because his brother bought a plastic makimg business. And his brother wants that adani would manage the business. As adani wants to learn new things. For this he shifted in ahmedabad. And from here his growth increased smoothly. 

         In and around 1984 goverment reduced rules and regulations of import and export business. In 1985 he started to import plastics for small businesses. And during this time condition of government became worse. In late 1989 the foreign exchange service of india decreased so much. For this government started to give advantages to the import and export business. From here we should learn that he takes quick decisions (3. Take Quick Decisions). According to adani opportunities come to all. But the fact is how much people make best uses of opportunities. And keeping this thought on mind he started Adani Exports in 1988 with only just 5 lakh rupees. Geadually his business grew in another level. You will amaze hearing that within some years he was listed in india's top traders. 

           Next he moved to port business. As he became one of top traders so obviously he used ports. But that time ports were very consisted. For this shipment became delay and negative impacts were falling on adani. On this time period government understood that to make better india's infrastructure they should focus on public partnership. And to make new ports government tried to find public partners. Here adani saw an opportunity. He dealed with gujarat government. Adani promised that he would develop bundra ports that was a small village then. Here one thing should be noticed that adani had no experience of making any ports or other things. But he had (4. believe on himself) that he would do this. So he did partnership with government and executed the deal in an another level. Munga port become india's biggest port amid last 15 years. As a result it helps other businesses of adani. Using the formula he starts to expand( 5. Expansion in other sectors). 

           In and around 2003 india was facing electric shortage. To grab this opportunity he entered in this sector. Government acted electric amendment bill. In 2006 government passed electric bill act. So he entered in power generation sector. In 2012-13 he entered in power transmission sector. After buying reliance distribution he entered it in his power distribution business. In all cases his fanda is simple. When government is facing problems and government allows private players to enter on this adani always reaches (6. Go where there is market demand) there. It have some advantages because goverment's projects are huge and in initial days government supports and helps private players to supply the resources in intrinsic value. Now he enters in defence and aerospace business. He also tries to male data center. Because government wants to store india's users data in india. In this way he expands in different sectors. 

        But one thing is that why adani always can take advantages of this opportunity and why other not? Other players also come to grab opportunities. But it is not as easy as ot looks. For this you need good amount. Beside this you need good execution skills that is hard to find in india. But adani have good leadership skills and negotiation skills. As a examples he acquired udupi thermal power plant in only 6000 crore rupees in just 100 hours. He also supports his team. A real story is that his employee brought a innovation tech idea. But when the idea is implemented the whole idea got failed. And adani faced losses of crore rupees. Then employee thought that he had to leave the company. But goutam adani told well tried. For this his employees understood that they can take risks and can work in new innovative ideas. Convincing skill of adani is also good. As a example then goutam adani convinced former rail minister Nitish kumar to connect ports with rail so that they can sell products everywhere in cheap price. After this government acted port rail linkage policy that connects ports with national railways. 

         It seemed that he operated businesses in different sectors but in actual his all businesses are complement for each other.  All this companies give good profit together. He do power business, coal business. He have his own logistics. Then his company generatrs power and transmission is also done by his another company. It means he do end to end integration. 

         He also surrounded by many controverseries. People doubt can adanj repay loan that he take. Many thought that adani is very close to government for this he become succesful on all business. But people have to think that his company give emloyment and more. Many products come from china and other foreign countries. To stop this we need india's own company on all sectors.

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