SUCCESS STORY of Mr. SAT PAL KHATTAR, a successful Stock Market Investor.

                This topic is about Mr. Sat Pal Khattar. He was born in a punjabi family. His father ran the business of sports material in singapore from when india didn't get freedom. Mr sat pal khattar who lived in refuse camp in the time of india's independent. Later he came to his father in singapore. There he helped his father to manage his father's business and beside this he took degree in law. When he was studying in second year his father died. Then as he was elder son in their family for this the whole pressure fell on him. After doing graduation in law he got the job of legal officer in revenue department of singapore. Later he completed Master degree in law. 

SUCESS STORY of Mr. SAT PAL KHATTAR, a successful Stock Market  Investor.

          In 1974 he resigned revenue department and started a small farm. After some years he made a partnership with property lawyer David Wong and renamed his company KhattarWong LLP. This company became one of the famous law firm in singapore in next 2-3 years. In 2000 he left the law practicr and started a company of private investment named Khattar Holdings. With the help of it he is investing in different companies. And till then he actively invest in stock market. In 2009 he fully resigned KhattarWong LLP. And he started to fully concentrate on investing. 

           His investment in india is more than 750 crore rupees. In indian stock market his investment in IIFL was more than 400+ crore rupees and in Gayatri Projects was more than 100+ crore rupees. In IIFL holdings,Sequent scientific, Intense technologies he earned multibagger returns. In past 8 years iifl gave him 9X or 900% returns. His portfolio is halfly filled with IIFL. From this we come to know about his concentrated investment. In sequent scientific he earned 800% return in 6 years. IIFL holdings, Gayatri Projects and Stribes Pharma is more than 80% of his portfolio. In 1994 when HDFC bank was small bank then he invested 4 million dollar in it. And we know what was the growth of hdfc bank. 

Success story of sat pal khattar

            Beside india he also invests in companies of other countries. With the help of investments he generates wealth and fortune. In spite of being success he wants to live a simple life. He is the vice trustee of SINDA or Singapore Indian Development Association. SINDA helps poor indian who live in singapore. He also actively join other association which works for indian development in singapore. So he is known to serve indian community in singapore. For his work Indian Government awarded PadmaShree in 2011. He is the first who got this award in singapore. 

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