Why fraudsters escape from india to london?

                In india that much large frauds were happened till now there is one common thing between them. And the common thing is that the faudsters escaped from india to london after doing fraud. We heard the Nirav Modi fraud where nirav modi did the fraud with punjab national bank of 14,000 crore rupees. He escaped to london before coming the fraud in light. Vijay Mallya also took large debt from banks. He also escaped to london not paying the debt to banks. Lalit modi also did ipl scam. He escaped to london before his enquiry. Without them many fraudsters escaped to london after doing fraud in india. Besides this faudersters of other companies also escaped to london after the scam. A pakistan minister also escaped to london after fraud. In spite of being so much countries why do most of the fraudsters escaped to london? The article is related to the answer of this question. 

Why fraudsters escape from india to london?

          If you do fraud in other country except uk and if you bring a huge amount in UK then uk welcomes you. But the condition is that the you have to bring a huge amount. Because uk gives different facilities to strangers. Such as uk provides golden visa. If you invest minimum 2 million pounds then uk provides you golden visa. Using golden visa you can live with cheer for some years in uk. Besides this uk also provides different facilities. Using these facilities one can live in uk for lifetime happily. Not only uk but also some other countries try to bring money to their economy doing such type of activities. If one goes to uk taking a good amount then the law of uk doesn't take the person seriously. And this is the main reason for what london,uk becomes the ideal place for fraudsters from last 40 years. So most of the frausters escaped to london after doing fraud. 

        Besides uk switzerland also allows everyone to deposit their black money in swiss bank on the name of secrecy. This money helps switzerland to grow their economy and gdp. Morasis also do such type of activities. For this many fraudsters formed different companies there. And they convert their black money through the companies. So it is a simple system for fraudsters. If they have black money then they can deposit their money in swiss bank. If they want to convert their black money to white money then they have to form a company in morasis and invest in their country through the companies. Thus black money can be converted in white money. If fraudsters want to eacape from their country after the fraud then they can go to london. Why do fraudsters deposit their black money in swiss bank? (This topic will be covered soon). You can check this from here. 

          Last year indian goverment requested uk to give back 131 people to india. They are the either murderers or fraudsters or other criminals etc on whom the case of either murdering or frauding etc criminal cases are going on. Uk just gave back 1% of 131 people to india. Without vijay mallya, nirav modi, lalit modi there are many indian fraudsters live in london escape from india. Such as tiger hanif who was the main causer of gujrat blast in 1993 lives in london happily. Nadeem saifee who is the main culprit of the murder of gulshan kumar(founder of t-series) also hides in london. Many blames were made on rana kapoor 's family for the case of yes bank that was going on recent. When the case were started to disclose then rashni kapoor( the daughter of rana kapoor) try to escape to london. But airport authority stopped her to escape to london. For the greed of money uk welcomes all the fraudsters.

           When any country demands for the fraudsters to uk then uk rejects the proposal giving any excuses. Uk says that they are the signatories of european convention on human rights. For this if it is seeemed to british courts that for any torture or dealth penalty or for any political reason any person lived in uk are wanted by any country then uk goverment doesn't return them to the respective country. But the actual reality is uk gives excuses to save the fraudsters or criminals. If you are told about indian cases then there is no matter of torture or death penalty on the culprit because most of cases are not done enquiry till now. For enquiry indian goverment needs them firstly. 

           If you see the excuses of uk then you can understand. If you see the extradition process of vijay mallya then you can understand that uk doesn't give back vijay mallya to india because it is seemed to uk goverment that indian prison is not good for vijay mallya. In 1993 jatinder angurala did the fraud with an indian bank. He escaped to london after doing fraud. When india wanted uk to return him then uk said that a long time was passed after the case. For this they couldn't give back him. In 1984 a terrorist, mohammad aslam mirza killed an indian diplomate in uk. He told in the british court that he didn't remember anything about thr case for memory problem. So british court released him believing his statement.

            But when the cases are related with US then these aren't happened. From 2004 to 2011 us requested to uk for 130 people and uk just rejected 10 people between them. So it is depended on the country and how much pressure can the country create on uk goverment? If you are told about russia then they were also facing the problems like india. But now they found its solution. Firstly the same thing like india was happened with russia. Fraudsters escaped from russia to london after doing fraud. When russia requested uk to give back them to russia then uk rejected russia. In 2003 two businessmen escaped to london after fraud. Firstly russia requested uk to return them. But uk refused the request proposal. After somedays two businessmen were found dead in their home in uk. After this the cases of escaping london after fraud fully stopped.

          But indian goverment doesn't take any decision or action on the fraudsters. Indian goverment doesn't also create any pressure on uk goverment. For this many fraudsters like nirav modi, vijay mallya, lalit modi etc are living happily in uk. Vijay mallya bought a bungalow of 11.5 million pounds in uk. And the fraudsters who escaped to london did big fraud. And for this fraud many families were affected and many people did suicide. So it is emergency to punish them as soon as possible so that anyone can't think about this in future. Ultimately fraudsters did the fraud of citizen's money. Such as nirav modi did the fraud of 14,000 crore from pnb or punjab national bank,an indian goverment bank. And after to continue pnb operarion goverment had to give huge money to pnb. And actually the loss of indian goverment that was hapeened for nirav modi pnb fraud was the money of india's citizens.

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