Lalit Modi ipl scam।

           Lalit Modi is the person who excuted the idea of ipl in india. For his hard work ipl started in india. Lalit approached businessman and rich people so that they bought ipl teams. He made sure them that a good profit would come from ipl teams( or ipl teams would make money). Lalit modi was the first chairman of ipl. His work of introducing ipl is really praiseful for developing cricket in next level in india. And everyone praised him for his great work. Many young players get a opportunity to show their talent through ipl. And many players showed their talent already. They also occupied a position in indian team. But the question is that was he doing these for development of cricket? Otherwise did he do all these for his own profit? 

Lalit Modi ipl scam।

After the 3rd season of ipl in 2010 lalit modi was displaced from the position of ipl chairman. And many faults were imposed on him. Lalit modi borned in a business family in delhi. He went USA to do graduation in engineering. There he was arrested when he was dealing the cocaine. He was also imposed second degree kidnapping there. He admitted his faults to the court. So he was sentenced for two years. When he requested to the court to reduce his punishment then the court told him to do 100 hours community service. And also the court told the US police to watch on him. Lalit also told the court that he had been suffering his illness from last days and his whole family lived in india. So he requested to the court to allow him to go to india. The court allowed him. And then he returned in india. He joined his family business. Godfrey Phillips india limited was his family business. So after coming to india he continued it. Godfrey phillips was one of the biggest tobacco company that made differnt cigarettes and pan masalas. Marlboro, foursquare, steller, avender, red&white etc cigarette brands were the brand under godfrey phillips india. Pan vilas and pan masala was also their brand. GPI also continued 24*7 retail chain

         After sometimes doing his family business he started his own business. And he named his business,Modi Entertainment Network. He tied up with international channels, sports channels etc through modi entertainment network. And he started to distribute the channels in india. He did partnership with large channels and contracted with them for 5-10 years. When the contracts ended then the company refused to work with lalit modi again. Many companies imposed him that he didn't keep maintain transparency between them. So after this failure lalit modi tried to find a new business oprtunity. He observed that there was a huge craze of cricket in india. Most of indian were very crazy about cricket. When he lived in US he saw that many private leagues were organized. Such as NBA was for basket ball. There players were hired on the basis of contract and private teams were formed. It earned a good profit in different ways. Lalit thought to excute the same business model in india and also thought to organize a league for cricket. Then he could generate a good profit. 10-12 years before starting ipl in india lalit told BCCI about the idea of ipl. But then bcci didn't show any interest on the idea. Yet he didn't give up. And he continued to work on the idea. He understood that as the idea was not executed in india for bcci so he should either make a connection in bcci or occupy a post in bcci. 

            So lalit kept his all focuses on to occupy a post in bcci. He also knew that to get a post in bcci he had to join first state cricket association. And he started with himachal pradesh cricket association. In 1999 he was selected for himachal pradesh cricket association. In 2004 he became vice president of punjab cricket association. And in few days he earned the president post in rajasthan cricket association. And in 2005 he occupied the vice precident position in bcci. And it was the enough postion from where he could fulfill his dream of ipl. The problem for what ipl didn't start (means the approval of bcci) was then solved. After becoming vp(vice president) in bcci a power obviously came to him. Here his first focus was to win the trust of board members showing his business skills. For this he changed many rules of showing cricket advertisement. He introduced many advertisement techniques to bcci so that the profit of bcci started to increase rapidly. For the good performance of lalit all the members of bcci trusted on him. After this he started to do many deals from himself. Board supported his every decision. Then he kept the idea of ipl near board members and told them how bcci could generate more profit through ipl. Board immidiately gave permission of ipl to lalit. From here the journey of ipl started and also the real game of lalit modi started.

             He did many deals in this way so that his friends,families got its advantages. He made sure to keep less the franchisees cost of rajasthan. Then suresh chellaram, brother-in-law of lalit modi took a large stake in rajasthan royals. Thus he did many deals so that his friends, relatives, familiy member etc got its direct benefits. When ipl launched in india for first time in 2008 it immidiately became popular. And everyone discussed the success of ipl. Everyone told about lalit modi how he alone brought businessman like ambani in ipl and created a craze for cricket in india. Bcci's profit increased for ipl. After the success of ipl he worked on Champions League. The idea of champions league was taken from football league,named champions league. In champions league top teams from different countries were picked. And then a league was organized with them. And lalit modi brought the same idea in india. But the success of lalit modi didn't continue far. 

         Rendezvous Sports World(RSW) won the bid of Kochi Tuskers Kerala(one of the ipl franchisees). Sunanda Pushkar was the owner of rsw company. Sunanda pushkar was the close friend of the minister of external affairs and then she became his wife. And the whole deal was the undisclose deal. But lalit modi disclosed the deal doing tweet. Then the minister was imposed that he took the rights of kochi tuskers kerala with the help of his power. For this reason he had to leave his position. And from here the difficulties of lalit modi started.

Lalit modi ipl scam

           Gradually all the things about lalit modi was disclosed. Such as how did he use the ipl for his own benefit? After the ipl of 2010 he was left the position of ipl 's chairman. And with this he was left from vice president position of bcci. Bcci gave 22 different charges on lalit modi. Such way he did the ipl broadcasting deal for his own profit. Besides this he was charged for money laundering and for buying franchises of ipl to his friends and family members. After ED or Enforcement Directorate started to investigate all the matters. For the investigation they cam to know that lalit did many deals for his own profit and with the help of these money he bought properties in different countries. He formed many companies in foreign countriess. He converted his black money to white money through the companies. In 2009 ipl was played in south africa. Bcci had to send 243 crore rupees to south africa for ipl. For the transaction RBI permission was compulsory. But he transferred the money to south africa by making small entities. 

        The main and large blame on lalit modi was given related to WSG or World Sports Group. In 2008 bcci gave the media rights of ipl to wsg for ten years. After wsg contracted with Sony and made sony the official broadcaster of ipl. For this sony paid 425 crore rupees to wsg. And the way the transfer of 425 crore rupees was happened was very questionable. When the investigation was started on this it was come to know that the payment of 425 crore rupees by sony to wsg was sent to the different companies of lalit modi. When the enquiry started on this he understood that he might be faced problems in future. So he escaped from india and went to london. And then many warrants were issued on him but it had no benefit. After it he never come to india and any investigating agency can't enquiry him. In 2015 non-billable arrest warrant was issued on him. Indian goverment cancelled his passport so that he couldn't travel out of UK. But when sushma swaraj became the foreign minister of india then she allowed him to travel in different countries. It created many controversy. Because her daughter was the lawyer of lalit modi. Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax of India, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence etc agencies are waiting for lalit modi's india coming. Warrants, non-billable warrants couldn't create any pressure on lalit modi. He lived happily in london with his family.

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