How infosys started? N.R.Narayana Murthy biography।

         The article describes how infosys,the second biggest indian IT company get started. First infosys started in pune in 1981. Seven person (,named N.R.Narayana Murthy, N.S.Raghavan, Nandan Nilekani, S.Gopalakrishnan, D.shibulal, K.Dinesh, Ashok Arora) started infosys together. All of them were the employees of PCS( it company). They all knew coding and had a good work experience in 'it' industry. The demand of customized softwares started to increase from 1975. Watching the big opportunity narayana murthy started the infosys.

How infosys started?

              Infosys started by 10,000 rupees. And mr. narayana murthy took this money from his wife,sudha murthy. She saved this money from her salary. The first room of narayana murthy became the first office room of infosys. They had not any computer till 1983. They brought first computer in infosys in 1983. To do business was a very tough task in india before the liberalisation of 1991. Then there was unfriendly environment in india for business. It had long procedure and was time-taking job for either company registration or the import of any technical instruments from other country. Murthy said that he had to wait one year for telephone connection. And then about 2-3 years was needed to import a computer. You can imagine the difference of doing business between then and now. In spite of opposite situations he never sat down near the situations. He continued to try to stand infosys. 

           In 1983 infosys was shifted to bangalore from pune. Then infosys was new in IT sector. There was no name and fame of infosys in US market. For this infosys joined with kurt salmon associates. After performing good for some year the joined company broke their business relation in 1989. For the collapse of joined company infosys faced the problems and reached the same position from where infosys started their business about 8 years ago. In this situation a co-founder of infosys,ashok arora left the infosys. Then mr. murthy clearly told that if they wanted to leave the company then they could leave. He also told that he was always with infosys and would increase the business. Then he had no more money and revenue was also little. For this nr narayana murthy and other co-founder controlled their expenses. He stayed those hotels where the charges were few. To go anywhere sometime he would travel in bus or he would go walking. Car,home came to the persons who read in college with him but then the situation of infosys's co-founders was remain same. 

          Gradually the business of infosys grew. And after the liberalisation 1991 infosys was rapidly growing its business. In 1993 the ipo of infosys was brought. But the ipo of infosys was undersubscribed. The ipo was bell out after buying 13% stake of infosys by morgan stanley. On the listing day in stock exchange infosys stock opened with 60% premium price. In 1993 when infosys listed in stock exchange then its revenue was 5 million dollar and it had about 200 employees. The revenue of infosys crossed 100 million dollar in 1999. And in 2004 it touched the 1 billion dollar. The revenue of infosys reached more than 10 billion dollar in 2017. Infosys was the first indian IT company that listed in NASDAQ,amercian stock exchange. Infosys was the first indian company which introduced ESOP(employees stock options) in india. In esop company's employees get shares of the company. And for the esop more than 18 thousand employees of infosys became millionaire. Now more than 2,00,000 employees work in infosys. The market cap of the company that was started by 10,000 rupees  is now more than 3,00,000 crore rupees. In financial year 2018 the profit of infosys was 16,000 crore rupees.

How infosys started? N.R.Narayana Murthy biography।

        Infosys is counted between 10  largest company of india. Till now infosys have more than 50 offices in the world. The indian headquarter of infosys is located in bangalore,karnataka. And the US headquarter of infosys is located in fremont,california. Infosys is the second largest 'it' company after tcs in india. The investment of 10,000 rupees in infosys in 1993 is more than 2.5 crore rupees now. Mr. Murthy said that the first customer is always very important to company. And every company should work on their reputation from first day. In spite of opposite situations or failures co-founders of infosys saw how one can achieve the success with dedication and hard work. To change the indian education system infosys established infosys global education centre,world's biggest corporate university that expands in 337 acres. In 1996 infosys started infosys foundation that does rural development,provides health care and education to poor people. Mr. N R Narayana Murthy was awarded Padmasri in 2004. And he was awarded Padmabibhusan in 2008. Before starting infosys murthy started softronics in 1975. But it became fail.

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