Anugrah stock and broking case। Biggest stock market fraud in 2020।

             You are informed here one kind of story of a stock brokerage firm. After reading the story you will become amaze. The story is based on the stock brokerage firm that located on vile parle, mumbai. About one month ago customers of the brokerage firm faced a different kind problem. They didn't get see their investment on their demat account, opened by the brokerage firm. They saw their investment clearly in the statement that was sent by the broker but when they check their investment in depository account they couldn't get find it. They became shocked and went to the brokerage firm. But the broker didn't pick the customers's call and didn't response their emails. So there was none to give the solutions of the problems to the investors. So the story is about the Anugrah stock and broking pvt ltd. Without a stock broker you can't invest in indian stock market. Here is also a question that if anyone opens a demat and trading account under a stock broker and if the broker creates problems or escapes then what will happen with his/her investment? 

Anugrah stock and broking case। Biggest stock market fraud in 2020।

           Generally your stocks/shares that you buy for delivery are stored in depository. The work of depository is to hold your shares. There are mainly two depositories in india. 

1. NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited).

2. CDSL (Central Depository Securities Limited).

If you buy any share for devilery or more than 1 days then the shares are stored in depository. So every brokerage firm opens your demat account with either nsdl or cdsl. For this your shares are stored in the depository where your shares are kept safe. In short depository stores your investment in electronic format. 

            BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), HDFC bank and some other banks are the promoters of cdsl. And NSE (National Stock Exchange), UTI mutual fund, IDBI bank, SBI and other some banks are the promoters of nsdl. Your broker must regularly send to you your account information from where you can know which stocks and how much shares do you have in your demat account? And you can check the same in nsdl or cdsl where your stock broker opened your demat account. 

              Anugrah stock and broking sent the account statement regularly to their customers where all the investment of them were clearly mentioned. When some investors checked their investment in cdsl( central depository services limited) they didn't find their investment in the depository. The statements that anugrah stock and broking sent to them were fully wrong. It means anugrah stock and broking sold the shares of investors without taking any permissions of them. Beside this the selling money of their investment was not reached to the investors. When the investors came to know that their investment was not seen in the account they tried to cantact with the broker. But any response didn't come from anugrah. 

             After this many investors complained to nse. Not one or two about 2-3 hundred complains were filed to nse. And then nse started to investigate the case. Nse observed that it provided the advisory services of derivative trade where anugrah was using the clients's investment in their own trade. When nse came to know about this nse immediately suspended anugrah's derivative trading license. After this anugrah stock and broking appealed to SAT (Securities Appellate Tribunal). Sat allowed anugrah to derivative trade but sat also ordered anugrah to deposit the 165 crore rupees of investors to nse. But anugrah didn't deposit the 165 crore rupees to nse within the time period. After this nse stopped anugrah to do any type of businesses in nse. Now the question of every investors is that how they will get their investment value? 

             The interesting thing in the whole story is that anugrah stock and broking started the derivative advisory service with their associated companies. Anugrah started the business with om sri sai investments and teji mandi. They promised investors to give 12-25% returns yearly. And that thing happens with every ponzi scheme intially, the same thing happens with it. Anugrah and other two companies started to give regular returns to all the investors. All the investors thought that they got a regular returns that was better than other assets class. All the investors of then were pleased with the returns. They started to tell the others about the brokerage firm and the scheme. And also the company tried to get attention of most of the investors about the scheme. Many investors invested there crore rupees. Now they can't find how can they get back their money? Anugrah's clients filed complains to EOW (Economic Offence Wing). For this eow registered FIR against anugrah stock and broking case. And also eow charged against anugrah's promoter. 

             Many stock market fraud like these were happened in india. And the problem is that hardly in some cases investors get their investment back. So when you will start investment on stock market you should make sure that you connect with a good brokerage firm on whom you have trust. And in india the top brokerage firms in india are

1. Zerodha.

2. Upstox.

            And a case also happened last year like this. And the issue came from karvy stock broking. Karvy transferred many shares from their customer's account to their account. And karvy deposited the shares to bank and took loan from the bank. And karvy transferred the money to its different companies. SEBI, the indian stock market regulator came to know that karvy misused the investors's investment. For this sebi did many regulatory changes. And the main change of it was that any brokerage firm can't misuse the investors's fund or can't keep the fund to them. That much regulation become strong problems may come. So do any financial investments or financial transaction with the trusted party. And you should make distance from them who offers you to give high or regular returns. 

          If you have any query related to anugrah stock and broking pvt ltd please comment below so that the topic can be covered.

Best wishes to invest.

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