10 most valuable startups in the world.

1. UBER:

              Uber is the biggest valuable startups in the world. In 2017 there was some issues in uber. A video of coversation between uber's co-founder,Travis Kalanik  and driver became viral on social media. A forcefully sexual activity happened in uber but uber didn't investigate the case. Uber neglected the issue. In spite of havng all issues uber did a great comeback in 2018. Travis Kalanik and Garrett Camp started the uber in 2009. Now they become billionaire for the continuous success of uber.

10 most valuable startups in the world.

2. Didi Chuxing:

              Didi chuxing has the same business model as uber. When some issues were continuing in uber then didi chuxing became world's most valuable startups. Softbank heavily invested in both companies( uber and didi chuxing). A question may come in your mind. Such as how can we calculate the valuation of startups? Basically the valuation of startups is calculated through precedent transaction analysis. 

3. Meituan Dianping:

            Meituan dianping is an online and on-demand company in china. In 2015 meituan was merged with dianping.


              Airbnb is an hotel booking platform. Any house or real estate object is not owned by airbnb. Airbnb works as a mediator and they earn profit from every hotel booking commissions. It earned 93 million dollar profit in 2017. It started its journey in 2008.

5. Space X:

              Spacex is an aerospace manufacturing and space transportance company. Elon Mask is the founder of spacex. In 2001 the idea of planting tree and living people in mars came in elon mask's brain. When he went russia for his space exploration project he didn't get the rocket in affordable price. When he calculated the cost of raw materials for rocket manufacturing he got that the cost of raw materials is the 3% of whole rocket price. For this he thought to start a company that can manufacture rocket in affordable price. 

6. Palantir Technologies:

                Palantir technologies is a big data mining and data analytics company. Its technologies are used in anti-terrorism. Famous businessman and investor,Peter Thiel is the chairman of the company. 

7. Wework:

           Wework company rapidly expands their business. And this year it expands its business. Wework is established in 2010.   

8. Toutiao:

            Toutiao is the news and information platform of china. Toutiao was started in 2012. 

9. Lufax:

          Lufax is the biggest finance place in china. Firstly P2P or peer to peer lending was the main focus of lufax. Now the company focuses on wealth management. It started its journey from 2011. 

10. Juul:

           Juul is the e- cigarette company of US. Juul have the market share of more than 70% in e-cigarette sector in US. It was established in 2015.


       Airbnb.spaceX,juul,uber,palantir technologies,wework are the most valuable startups of US. And lufax,toutiao,meituan dianping,didi chixing are the most valuable startups of china. 

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